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A wise person once said, “What you put into your body is what you get out!”

That couldn’t be furthest from the truth which is why Juice’d-Tox was born.

We are in an age where disease & cancer is popping up EVERYWHERE & doctors are giving us these medications in hopes to cure diseases and they don’t always work. As the owner I also have a mother with diabetes and seeing how she can’t eat certain foods when she wants to enjoy herself and has to take so many daily pills, made me think how can I help myself and others not have to go through these things or worse. Fruits and Vegetables have so many nutrients and important sources to keep us healthy and strong. Detoxing is the 1st step to prevent & cure Fibroids, diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer and more! As the very wise Health Coach Gessie Thompson stats you have to become the expert on your health 1st become your own doctor! We are all on the journey to a healthier body mentally & physically, at Juice’d-Tox we want to enlighten others along the way! Your food is your medicine never forgot that!